Restoration-renovation of a building gives a fresh impulse to it as well as to its residents.
Renovation - rehabilitation of a house or business work area inspires the occupants for further development.
Renovation is the cheapest method to obtain a "new" home, upgrading its value.
The experience in design and construction allows us to guarantee fast delivery, no deviations from the schedule and budget. If required a "small scale" permit is issued avoiding lengthy procedures.
"Our goal is low prices and customer satisfaction."
The duration of smooth operation of plumbing and electrical installation of a building usually does not exceed a period of thirty years. Therefore one should not proceed to renovate the interior when the facilities are old and worn.
A fault in old hydraulic and electrical installation necessitates repair for the operation of the property, involvement that requires re-renovation, especially in the kitchen and baths.
Our engineer will check and guide you to the necessary repair of facilities to ensure your investment.
  • Deterioration of electrical installations is not evident and often is overlooked by the owners resulting in failure and at worst to accident or major failure. The use of the electrical installation is continuous, contributing to its deterioration.
    Grounding of the electrical installation and protection from lightening of all modern electrical appliances, sensitive to power fluctuations, is insufficient in old Greek buildings. It is wise that the installation be protected by grounding and lightning protection circuit. The losses are big and are not covered by insurances.
    We recommend that the electric circuit is checked and measured by our expert electrician in order to properly address needed innervations without unnecessary extra expense for the owner.
  • The water and sewage plumbing are tested in time by their constant use and especially the heating pipes due to the hot water.
    Our office in cooperation with our experienced plumbers can proceed immediately to ascertain the cause of the damage and then follow up with the repair, in such a way so the property is in operation as maintenance or replacement is in progress.
  • The use of natural gas for cooking, hot water, heating and cooling upgrades the energy efficiency of the property and contributes to large power savings.
    Our office undertakes the design of the installation with natural gas, by minimising the involvement of the manager or owner, following the entire process to completion until the connection to the gas public network.
    To convert heating from oil to natural gas, is by law, a decision of the ownership of 50% + 1 vote.
  • The carpenter usually replaces the kitchen cabinets, repairs doors and closets. It sounds simple but quite often involves -besides the carpenter- an electrician, a plumber, a tile layer, a marble layer, a painter and possibly replacement of old window framings with new aluminum windows. Once the kitchen's cabinets are removed all plumbing and electrical wiring, behind them, should be checked before their replacement.
    Our company can synchronize all trades and within schedule and budget bring the project to completion.
  • Piping failure in baths, often calls for complete renovation of plumbing and flooring because usually there is not enough same tile for replacement on walls and floors.
    We can visit the premises and estimate the damage suggesting the extension of repair avoiding an excessive cost, not justified in some cases, bearing also in mind that the property is inhabited.
  • Renovation of wooden, marble, terrazzo or tile flooring is usually simple. They require good coordination and after repair polishing is needed.
    We guarantee that professional technicians are capable of returning the floor at an earlier state so that the repair is not evident.
  • The repair external wooden framing is not always cost effective and their replacement by aluminium with double or triple glazing is appropriate and mandatory.
    This way energy upgrading of the building and energy saving is achieved. Many times the replacement is financed by the state through the program "Save Energy at Home" (exiconomo cat icon)
    Options on quality, color, various mechanisms such as tilt up or mill etc. is available depending on the needs of the owner. After our visit to your premises our Engineer can guide you on whether it is imperative to proceed to the replacement of old external framing.
    Of equal importance today is the installation of security entry door. Security doors come in endless options at low prices. Our office works since 1993 with a Greek manufacturer disposing his products both in Greece and abroad.