Deeds - Notary Public Statements

Certification for Transfer of Property

Under current law n. 4495/17 Article 83 for any transfer or transaction of property an engineer has to check the property and issue a Certificate of compliance, according to the Building Permit before the property is sold.

Condo Recommendation (C.R.)

Our office prepares Ownership Proportion Tables  under applicable law, in order to divide the property into smaller sections. The C.R. is drawn by a notary, signed by all co-owners of the property and then registered to the Land Registry Office.

Condo Recommendation is the act by which the owner of a property divides it and creates more individual and independent properties. Each piece has a certain percentage of ownership in land accordingly and also on common parts of the building such as the the building frame, roof, courtyard, facades, electrical and plumbing installations etc.

Condo Recommendation can be done for a building which is to be erected in the future.

Vertical Ownership Recommendation (V.O.R.)

Our engineer can prepare Ownership Proportion Tables  under applicable law in order to divide the property into smaller individual land sections. The V.O.R. is drawn by a notary, signed by all co-owners of the land and then registered to the Land Registry Office.

Vertical Ownership Recommendation is the act whereby land is divided into smaller individual sections and each section coming from this division could be owned by a different individual. A building erected in each section is a separate independent property which will be assigned a ratio of ownership according to the Ownership Proportion Tables.

Furthermore it is possible to draw a Condo Recommendation for each individual section.

General Conditions of Contract (G.C.C.)

The G.C.C. is the formulation of general and specific conditions, under which the project will be implemented in conjunction with the Building Permit. The execution of all works required for the completion and full operation of the project, is based on the G.C.C.

We provide our advisory expertise to a land owner to write up the G.C.C. if he intends to offer his land as a capital value for compensation in order to protect his interests.



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