Design Process

Upgrading the quality of life - Guidance - High Yield of Investment
The main domain of our office is investing on property for sale. The three contributors of an investment are:
  • The Civil Engineer and Architect that give the design solution
  • The general contractor who implements the plans
  • The financier of the project
These three form factors are usually represented by three different people, each one facing the project with his own criteria.
Promptness - Communication
filosofia amesotita
In our office, all three contributors are represented by one single person who has gained great experience over the last decades. Our sole aim is the prompt completion and delivery of the project within budget and schedule.
The result of this practice is saving funds, offering a high quality product at lower cost.
Project Management
project management ekpaideutika centre
It is our office's practice to follow the project from design to issuance of the building permit, to construction and finally to completion delivering it to the owner ready to settle in.
During construction our project manager, being constantly present on site, provides with solutions immediately at any time, without delays, saving 15 to 20% of cost.
Capital Savings
exoikonomisi ofeli autepistasias

Savings funds is possible through clever design and other smart choices, from the early stages of design, by proposing economical solutions while maintaining the quality of materials without wasting both on materials and labour working hours.

Accomplishment of a Job

Our office's policy is to accomplish real-estate issues with minimum involvement of the client.

The experienced team of our partners, composed of a civil-structural engineer, architect, mechanical and electrical engineer, energy inspector, notary public, lawyer and accountant, well informed with the relevant real-state legislation, prepare complete dossier with supporting documents processing it with rapid and effective action to the building authorities, Greek IRS, insurance (IKA), notary public etc.

This is precisely one of the main advantages that the clients benefit when they choose to work with us.


Illegal Construction

Illegal Construction

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale


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