My Engineering Consulting Firm in addition to many years of experience, since 1920 in the field of construction, faces with consistency and respects the customers by exempting them from every procedure obtaining the building permit and also related to the construction of the building.
As a developer who self finances his projects, knowing in depth all issues related to construction and issuance of a building permit, I offer my advisory services for technical and investment issues as far as Real Estate is concerned.
Of particular interest is the construction of housing on the island of Paros, Antiparos Peloponnese and other islands, where I invest in housing for sale, or provide my services to other investors.
The continuous presence on site, contributes to the excellent construction quality, reasonable prices and compliance with both the budget and timing of construction. This is a guarantee for our customers, who assess the outcome of our work and support us with their preference.
Besides dealing with the issue of building permits, to the entire range, throughout Greece, the on-site supervision and construction of the building with our subcontractors, we are also in charge of ordering and receiving of materials and their payment as well as payment of the subcontractors, insurance ( IKA ) and the VIT (ΦΠΑ).
We look after the clearing of the invoices with the Greek IRS, in order to get their approval so the building can be connected with the telephone, electric, gas, water and sewage public infrastructure. Summing up, we deliver the building with the key in hand, ready to “Move In”.
Private Engineering Consulting Firm in Athens employed with the full range of building activity as follows:
  • Issuing of building permits : Architectural, Structural design etc.
  • Construction of the building : Delivering the structure with the key in hand.
  • Surveying Diagrams.
  • Construction of Building in exchange of clients Lot (Return a quid pro quo)
  • Supervision of Construction.
  • Estimate of Construction Cost.
  • Real Estate assessments.
  • Renovation of old buildings, apartments.
  • Rehabilitation of Listed (preserved) Buildings.
  • Construction of Single Houses.
  • Land Development and Erection of Apartment Buildings.
  • Legalization of Arbitrary Construction, Act 4178 / 2013

Conversion of heating system fuel from diesel to gas to a six story building in Voula, suburb of Athens.
Project’s Budget : 18.000 €.

The boiler and burner existed since the construction of the building in 1975. Thus they needed to be replaced by new using gas for heating prepossesses. The building consists of fifteen apartments.

Renovation of an 100sq.m apartment in Voula, suburb of Athens.
Project’s Budget : 35.000 €.

Replacement of all piping and electrical installation. The apartment was cut off the main heating system in order to become self-sufficient by using a gas burner. The kitchen cabinets, doors and closets were partially fixed or replaced and finally the apartment was painted. Of major concern was the dampness on the exterior walls and floors from the garden which required extended waterproofing.

Legalization of arbitrary construction Act 4178 of 2013
The last few years by knowing the law in detail and legal procedure in order to arrange illegal, arbitrary construction a good portion of my work relates to such cases.
Variety of cases where verandas, basements or even whole buildings whose use was arbitrarily and illegally chanced by the owner, had to be arranged in order to sale them or get a mortgage from a bank etc.

Renovation of an 165sq.m. apartment in Neos Cosmos, Athens.
Project’s Budget : 43.000 €.

Changing the interior layout of an apartment extended to the whole floor level, by moving the kitchen to a different place aiming to better ergonomics of the residence, construction of a second bathroom and WC, replacement of hydraulic and electrical installations, replacing wooden flooring and aluminum window and door frames and finally coloring of the interior.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: A complex of six apartments at the island of Antiparos, at Agios Georgios, Cyclades.
Project’s Budget : 1.150.000 €

The building consists of a total of six apartments. Because of the big ground inclination both upper and lower levels are ground floors. The stone resulting from the excavation was used to create retaining walls, base for a pergola, build in BBQ, stairways and other structures around the building besides a fence. In conjunction with other Cycladic Architectural elements such as sloping walls with varying thickness from 0.90m in base to 0.45m on top, traditional plaster, special wind braking walls and wooden ceilings, all contributed to the adaptation of the building to the local island Cycladic Architecture.

Architectural Design, issuance of building permit and Construction of Heat insulation of a 1970 villa in Papagou, suburb of Athens.
Project’s Budget : 35.000 €.

The two story building had to be insulated for energy consumption purposes. The insulation was applied to the rooftop terrace, top of Piloti (open ground floor) and facades around the building. Also changed from diesel fuel to gas burner and in conjunction with the outdoor thermal insulation the cost for heating was decreased by 83%. The investment is going to be depreciated by the end of winter of 2017, in five years.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: A four storey Building with basement located in Varkiza, suburb of Athens.
Project’s Budget : 850.000 €.

The four story spacious apartment building with basement was designed in an anti-seismic way, according to the new regulations, having extra large balconies all around, aiming at a better quality of life of the owners. The large windows and balcony sliding doors make all apartments airy and sunny. Finishing and materials of the interior and exterior indicate the minimalistic but luxurious nature of the structure. The building was agreed to be delivered in a “Move In” condition to the owner.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: Development of Vacation Houses for sale, at the island of Paros, Cyclades.
Project’s Budget 850.000 €.

Construction of five independent houses, for sale, in Belanies of Paros (Golden Beach) at the southeast part of the island, over seen the Aegean sea. The development is located 500 meters from the Golden Beach on a ground of 6.721sq.m. The estate has undistracted view to the islands of Naxos, Iraclea, Ios, Sikinos and Folegandros. When the weather helps the islands of Anafi and Micres Cyclades can be seen. The buildings were designed and constructed adapted to the Traditional Aegean Architecture with high standards.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: Villas at the Holiday Island of Paros, Cyclades
Project’s Budget 550.000 €.

Holiday dwellings at Dryos of Paros (Golden Beach). The building was constructed adapting the specific needs of the owner. The lean Aegeopelagitic Architecture has been honored and as a result the new building has been harmonically placed within the traditional settlement. The building was undertaken with the agreement to be delivered in “Move In” condition.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction of a Condominium for sale, located in Kypseli, in the city of Athens.
Project’s Budget 645.000 €.

The eight story high building, consisted of parking area in the basement, Piloti (open ground floor, a large area were the inhabitants can get together, an area protected by the weather, excellent as a play ground and other activities) and six floors of contemporary apartments. The erection of the eight story building was undertaken with the system of Fair Exchange of Land ( Αντιπαροχή ).

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: of a Condominium located in Patesia, in the City of Athens, for sale
Project’s Budget of 970.000 €.

The seven story condominium, consisted of parking area in the basement, Piloti (ground floor) and six floors of apartments. All apartments are equipped with modern security, electrical and heating installations. As all building constructed by our firm, even this one at the center of the city has extra large balconies which contribute to a better quality of life of the owners. In Greece balconies can be used just about throughout the year and be converted to small gardens full of plants. The construction of the eight story building was undertaken with the system of Fair Exchange of Land ( Αντιπαροχή ).

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: A Four Story Privately Owned Apartment Building in Byrona, suburb of Athens.
Project’s Budget of 250.000 €.

A Four story building with basement and Piloti, privately owned. The building consists of two, two level apartments and it was assigned to our office to issue the building permit and then proceed to the construction and deliver the apartments in a “Move In” condition. This building was financed by the owners.

Warehouse for the Greek Air Forces (736 ΔΣΕ)
Project’s Budget 925.000 €.

The warehouse was to shelter parts of Chinook Helicopters at the army installation in Paxi of Megara within the training camp for parachutists. Public sector construction is of equal interest, as the private. This project was undertaken in collaboration with Egeopelagitiki SA Company.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: A Five Story Apartment Building in Voula, suburb of Athens.
Project’s Budget : 866,000 €.

This particular structure consisted of an old one level house, on second floor on a Piloti (open ground floor). The owner wanted to add on three more one floor apartments on top of the old one, without causing any damage to the existing house he was living in. This was a very tedious project requiring continuous presence on site by the structural engineer. The new three stories were added on successfully.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: A ten Story Building at Pedion Areos, in Athens.
Project’s Budget : 705,000 €.

In order to proceed with the construction of this new building the old existing one had to be demolished and in its place the new one would be raised. The new Building consists of parking area in the basement, the Piloti used also as parking area and eight stories. The first floor was not sold and up to day is the headquarters of our office.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: Addition of an Extra Floor to an Existing Two Story Building, in Papagou , a suburb of Athens.
Project’s Budget : 155,000 €.

The ground floor building had suffered structural damage by the 1981 earthquake, and had to be repaired. We constructed new reinforced concrete columns at the corners of the building from foundation to the top, strengthening the old building and support the add-on storey. The existing building was practically contained in the new structure.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: A Two Story Villa, in Papagou, suburb of Athens.
Project’s Budget : 500,000 €.

This custom made villa was assigned to us to be build within a year. The project was under taken with the agreement to be delivered in “Move In” condition.

Architectural – Structural Design, Construction: A Two Story Vacation Building near by the city of Egio, in Peloponnese.
Project’s Budget : 195,000 €.

The construction of a two story building of luxury apartments with a basement was at a distance of 400 yards from the sea and about one and a half miles from the center city of Egio. The construction was concluded just before the earthquake of 1992. The building had not suffered any damage from the earthquake, although the area was heavily stroke by a 7 point on the Richter scale quake. Several buildings within a radius of 100 yards to 1 mile collapsed or suffered major structural damage.

Completed my military service. During the term of Office, I dealed with construction and maintenance of various plants. I undertook the reconstruction (electrical, plumbing, sewage, floor and finishing) of the kitchens of the camp, the installation of new electrical appliances such as kettles, ovens, refrigerators etc.

Michael W Hyland Associates. P.A. Ocean City, NJ, USA Engineering Architectural consulting firm.
Through this position I provided services as a Structural and Civil Engineer by performing structural design inspect buildings with structural damage and consult the clients on possible repair methods.

Sharp Construction Co. INC. Oakhurst, NJ, U.S.A. Project Engineer for the rehabilitation of Post Commissary at Fort Monmouth, NJ.
Responsibilities included the creation of a C.P.M. for the entire project, updated the C.P.M. and billed the government monthly, awarded the subcontracts, prepared all submittals and sub drawings for approval, inspected the field work on a daily basis and monitored the progress of the project according to the C.P.M.

Caesar Construction Inc. Oakhurst, NJ, U.S.A. Project Engineer for a two multimillion assignments at Fort Monmouth, NJ, USA.
Responsible for the office and field work. I was in charge of ordering and receiving of materials, as well as the contact between the sub contractors and the owner.

Spiros Lafis SA. In Athens Greece, (Family architectural, engineering and construction company ) 1981-1987.
Worked as field inspector and coordinator of field work. Also was responsible for ordering and receiving materials, making payments and reading blue prints


Master in Structural Engineering, 1988

Bachelor in Civil Engineering, 1985

Special Projects

Researching Bond Deterioration in Reinforced Masonry Structures 1/3 Scale Models. The variables of this work were modeled #4 and #7 steel bars, anchorage length and distance between splices. Pull-out and pull-pull specimens were tested. The results were published in “The fifth North American Masonry Conference” vol. 11 p.639 in June 1990.
Licensed Real Estate Sales Person NJ, U.S.A.


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