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A dream of owning a home abroad on the Greek island of Paros is turning into reality. This is likely to increase as people choose Paro as their destination and getting acquainted with the Greek culture through business.

The presence of an airport and frequent transportation to the island by sea either by regular sea liners or high speed vessels, bring Paros as close to you as never before. Paros has become a popular international destination.

Pointing out some of the investment benefits are as follows:

  • Property prices lowered by up to 30% in the last years.
  • Interest rates at their lowest in Europe, as long as one can remember.
  • A basis for a profitable investment, generating considerably greater, increasing the investment's capital gain as time goes by.
  • Landlords are able to significantly raise the value of their property when investing in old buildings through refurbishments.
  • Paros is a popular international destination for real estate investment, for retirement, or second home, or even a new country to live in.
  • The island is a perfect place for relaxation.
  • Perfect weather.
  • Nationals of a third country can acquire long term Schengen Visa by investing in property on the island.
Property ownership has many benefits, both financial and personal. It provides a way to accumulate wealth in the form of appreciation as time goes on.

Cost Related to Property Transfer

In addition to the purchase value of the property, there are several other costs associated with it, which are directly dependant on the price declared on the deed, calculated as a percentage of this amount. Associated fees for property transfer are summarized bellow as follows:

Real estate sales person

At closing the real estate sales person commission of 2% plus 23% VAT ( total of 2.46% ) is paid.

Engineer's Certificate

In order to sell, the vendor first has to provide at his cost, the Engineer's Certificate, stating that the property for sale is been build accordingly to the building permit. It's recommended that the investor hires an engineer acting on his behalf to checks if the provided Engineer's Certificate thoroughly covers the property for sale.


Our solicitor who acts on buyer's behalf, checks the credence of the title deed and inditement of the contracts. The lawyer is the one who negotiates the terms of contract and supervises if the procedure of property transfer is proper. His fee is 1% to 0.5% of the property's value (decreases as price goes up). His presence is not required by law but strongly recommended.

Notary Public

The notary public will check to see if all documents escorting the deed are in order. His fee is 0.8% of the purchase value on the deed. Furthermore, he will register the property deeds with the Land Registry as freehold for a small fee. The Land Registry office fee is approximately 0.8%.

Property Transfer Taxes

The property tax on a second hand property is 3% on the value registered in the deed. If the property is new build, sold for the first time by a developer the tax is 23% and is included in the agreed price. It is not on top of the agreed price. This different approach has to do with the developer's taxation.

Basic Steps of Property Purchase in Greece

Through the following, the investor is given the opportunity to become familiar with the basic concepts of property transfer in Greece, as well as the services provided by our office:

  • Define amount to be invested
    First we consider your investment plans and the amount to invest in Greece.

  • Determine the area of interest
    Through examination of the real estate market in the area you are interested, we peak the most profitable options. We can provide our services for property search throughout Greece, even though we specialize at the islands of Paros and Antiparos, as well as the Athens metropolitan area.

  • Needs to be satisfied by the property
    It would be helpful to have a list with requirements outlined to be met.

  • Market search and comparison of available properties for sale
    We always look for property relevant to the client's desire, overfilling and under filling their list of requirements, so comparison can be done before decision making. That also helps to negotiate the price to meet the client's budget.

  • Final choice and decision making
    Once the property is found we conduct the vendor's lawyer to provide our solicitor with property's file for necessary check of the title deed.

  • Home inspection - Engineers certificate
    Today in order to transfer property in Greece an Engineer has to certify that the building or part of it, to be transferred is according to the building permit issued by the housing authorities. Even in case the property is an empty lot that has to be certified by an Engineer. The same engineer should be asked to inspect the building and decide for its structural and infrastructure integrity.

  • Closing day
    On closing day the buyer has to bring the agreed down payment to close the property escorted by his solicitor.

  • Property Transfer Tax
    Payment of property tax is the last step before signing the deed at the notary public.

  • Deed
    The notary public draws the deed signed by the vendor, the buyer and the lawyer escorting him in order to close on the property.

  • Land Registry
    Last thing to be done is declaring that property has changed hands from the seller to the buyer. This is done to the local property clerk at the Land Registry Office. It is a good idea to ask the notary public to do that for you for a small fee. That has to be done within a month after the deed is signed.

  • Accountant
    If the buyer is a foreign citizen an accountant has to file with the Greek Internal Revenue Service to acquire a social security number, just before signing the deed. Once the deed is signed the IRS have to be notified that the property belongs to a new owner and declare it on the E-9 form.
  • These steps are just an illustration of a typical process for buying property in Greece. They are in no way complete and depending on each case, procedure may vary. For complete information please contact so an engineer, a solicitor, or an accountant can advise you.

    Normally the procedure of property transfer is completed in under a month.

Property Refurbishment

Our company is in no need of hiring an engineer or a contractor; we are the engineer-architectural designers and contractor. The whole project's design and supervision is on us, ensuring technical work of the highest quality and the lowest feasible cost for the client avoiding middlemen and unnecessary expenses.

Our clients choose services for one more important reason. Their property renovation will not require their presence on site. They can be confident that everything will be performed in the best way without the stress and expenses of constant traveling and endless meetings with architects, engineers, technicians, contractors and material suppliers.



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